Turbo-powered vacuum cleaner
Turbo-powered vacuum cleaner
Turbo-powered vacuum cleaner
Turbo-powered vacuum cleaner
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Turbo-powered vacuum cleaner

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During the onset of the Pandemic we realized the importance of having a Vacuum Cleaner at home because it makes cleaning easier and safer.

Our Turbo Tiger Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with HEPA filters commonly known as High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor that has capacity to collect dusts and disinfect harmful bacteria, dust mites and other contaminants. Thus, improving air quality indoor.

Product Description:

  • 25-45 PSI Blowing Power
  • Portable Vacuum that Cleans All
  • 1000 watts Sucking Power
  • Floor Brush Power : 1.5 Horsepower
  • Maximum Noise : 60 Decibel
  • Cord Length : 13Feet
  • Brush Length : 4Meters
  • Type of Dust Storage: Removable and Cleanable (Dry Clean) Filter 
  • Dust type Storage : Horizontal
  • Product Accessories: Combination Brush, Double Tube, Floor Brush, Flexible Hose, Fittings for Blowing & Sling Mesh
  • High Power Dual Function (Sucking and Blowing):

Sucking Sofa Dirt, Spider Web, Broken Glass, Dog Fur and Underneath Car dirt, Keyboard surfaces.

Blowing  balloons, floaties, charcoal grill and inflatable beds.