Welcome to EDMARK LIVE MALL. We’re glad you are here.

YOU may ask, “How did Edmark Live Mall came about? We acknowledge and are grateful to Low Ban Chai, or Sam as we fondly call him, who is the Founder and Chairman of EDMARK. Sam, a self-made-world-class product demonstrator,  had pioneered this unique style of selling products thru LIVE PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION. In 1985 he put up his company called Ever-Dynamic Marketing which later was shortened to EDMARK. In 1998 he put up his own factory called Edmark Industries. He travelled the world including Philippines, Middle East and South America  along with his nephews and brother -in-law doing Live Product Demonstrations in Fairs and Exhibitions.

One of his nephews who joined him was Yap Thiam Boon, or fondly known as Boon. The years of doing business has its ups and downs. Boon left Sam and went to Africa. In 2018 he came back to Malaysia for good and there he met someone who hired him to do live product demonstration but selling online via Facebook Live. He did just that and learned how the concept operates but somehow he felt there was something amiss in the way that company was managed so he left.

In that same year, Sam and Boon’s paths crossed again. Boon shared his work experience to Sam about the live product demonstration using Facebook Live. Sam was fascinated by the idea. He then offered Boon to try this concept in the Philippines using the Edmark Philippines Live demo company as its platform.

On February 25, 2019, with the help of the Edmark Philippines’ Management team, the first product demonstration via FB Live was on air. From that day on we called it the EDMARK LIVE MALL.

It started rather slow and after almost over a year, the sales weren’t convincing yet to call it a success but the strength of Edmark Live Mall concept was revealed when the COVID-19 pandemic came out of the blue. It caught everyone unprepared. However, because everyone got locked down in their homes, they now have the time to see and appreciate the beauty and advantages that EDMARK LIVE MALL brings. After watching the live demo on their phones, purchases are made online and the goods are delivered right into the comforts of their homes. So convenient. This is Edmark Live Mall for you.

Edmark Live Mall’s commitment is to serve the community with beautiful, worth-every-penny products which ranges from kitchen, to household items and soon to cosmetics and later to hardware.

We wish to thank the Philippines Edmark Live Mall Product Demonstrators Team for their world class performances, the persistent Customer Service Team and the hardworking Logistics Team but most of all a big thank you to all our regular online shoppers and viewers. We couldn’t be here without you!  Thank you for dropping by and have a great day ahead.