Smart Pull N Chop
Smart Pull N Chop
Smart Pull N Chop
Smart Pull N Chop
Smart Pull N Chop
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Smart Pull N Chop

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From its name "pull and chop" simply means an amazingly ingenious, innovative and safe design of kitchen tool for cutting vegetables at a speed you can dictate. The faster you pull, the faster it chops, completely manual, no batteries and electricity needed. A must in the kitchen.

New and Improved Big Chopper with five (5) surgical stainless spiral blade which means it five (5) times faster than the previous design.

  • The body is made of high-quality ABS Plastic materials, a symbol of safety and durability.
  • A never-seen-before- manually-operated kitchen tool that can chop, mince and grind so fast and so easy.
  • Highly durable blades able to crush tube ice and meat
  • Available colors may vary
  • Size: 13.5(L) x 13(W) x 15.5(H)